100% BIO BASED Packaging Compostable and Biodegradable

100% BIO BASED Packaging Compostable and Biodegradable

BIOCLASSPACK is the alternative to be able to comply with the European regulations, already in force since July2021, for the elimination of the use of plastic packaging and that directly affects single use packaging. The various formats obtained maintain all the characteristics appreciated by the market: external appearance, ventilation, resistance, inviolability, a large "display" that allows, in accordance with EU regulations, to inform the consumer about nutritional values, traceability o f the origin, etc. A high degree of protection of human health and the interests of consumers should not be at odds with the responsible use of packaging materials.

BIOCLASSPACK solutions make it possible to completely eliminate plastic materials from current packaging, incorporating instead sustainable materials such as paper and “PLA. The paper comes from FSC certified forest holdings. In the laminating, cutting and printing process, the authorized industries guarantee a correct chain of custody. The inks and colorants are of organic origin and compostable. The "PLA" is composed of cane sugar, corn starch and lactic acid. It is therefore a 100% BIO BASED container.


This model with PLA film bellows allows a TOTAL view of the packaged product, with thicknesses of 20 30 40 microns, respiration can be controlled until it becomes practically hermetic. There is also the macro / micro perforation option for products that release ethylene.


For washed product, it allows a complete vision of the product with the transparent mesh and a perfect aeration and drying. Supplied in a continuous reel, the length of the bag can be varied depending on the size or quantity of product to be packaged, without having to have different formats in stock.


Specially designed for the packaging of small quantities of product, it improves the combination of tray and “Flow pack” wrapping, adding a handle to facilitate its removal from the shelf. In this way, packaging is carried out in a single operation avoiding unnecessary blows of the product.


For products with delicate handling and manual filling, it is presented with macro / micro perforations depending on the “respiration” of the product to be packaged. It is ideal for packaging grapes, raspberries, blueberries, figs, seasonal fruit. It is a container with maximum visibility and a minimum number of materials.


Compatible with existing vertical machines, it allows the packaging of IVRANGE products even with modified atmosphere (MAP). It incorporates an “anti fog” effect. The PLA film does not condense or fog up when placed in the cold chamber. With this patented combination of materials, a useful life of more than 15 days is achieved depending on the combination of gases.


Designed for the packaging of: Bunches of spinach, Kale, Swiss chard, Peppers, tricolor and Palermo, Broccoli, aromatic herbs, etc. It can be micro perforated for a better use of the transport boxes.

Complete customized solutions


An installation designed to automatically make bags of less than one kilo at highspeed. Composed by:

  • Elevator
  • BOX 10 C weigher
  • TWO EX21 generators
  • TWO closers C 21


To pack without the need for a weigher composed of:

  • Motorized bucket table with "gooseneck" link elevator
  • TOP 22 ECO packaging machine
  • Weight checker
  • "Flaps” rejection system
  • Rotary table


It consume 66% less electricity and only 100liters per minute of compressed air, instead of the 1,000 liters of other brands. They are silent, they are state of the art robots with electrical movement and control technology designed and installed by FESTO. Its mechanical simplicity makes them reliable and versatile, being able to program up to 99different configurations, accessing them by panel and remotely through its WIFI modem with IP assistance.


It incorporate an intelligent weighing system designed to find the combination that is closest to the programmed weight with a margin of error of +/ 1g per kilo. The advance and dosage of the product is carried out by means of specially balanced TARNOS vibrators, avoiding friction during the movement of the product. No breakdowns, easy to clean, intuitive handling The number of scales (8 to 14) can be configured according to the desired production, the weighing's per minute, the volume of the hoppers, and the weight of the dosages.


It is a complete and compact system that in 27 m3 includes : an elevator, a weigher, a distribution belt and two packaging machines.

The equipment works synchronized and controlled by a single panel from where all the parameters are accessed. The installation has a Modem and M2M card for IP connection via WIFI or ETERNET. On demand you can hire assistance or annual IP monitoring, with 24/7 service.

Motorized elevator with hopper LIFT 800-C - Advance and dosing of the product by means of a volumetric detector with contrast.

Reversible single channel spreader belt BELT-180-1R - Heavy-end collection and grouping system for transfer via gates with 120 mm drop.

BOX 140 weighers - Without conveyor belts, vibrating advance, Easy to clean, Intuitive handling Multiple configurations, admits One or two TOP packers or similar.


Compatible packaging machine specially designed for IV RANGE vertical packaging by gravity, it is equipped with a telescopic tube that opens the bag before loading, to ensure that the product reaches the bottom. At the same time, it allows to inject GAS to later clamp and weld it, achieving a modified MAP atmosphere admitting up to two gases at the same time to obtain different mixtures.


Machine designed to streamline and sanitize the packaging of products such as grapes, figs, blueberries. Work module for manually filled products:
1. Bag generator "U" BAG adjustable length
2. Table with scale and display for calibration
3. Preformed feed coil
4. Collecting conveyor belt

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