AURA, a solution for monitoring environmental information

AURA, a solution for monitoring environmental information.

Today, the links between climate change, energy, air pollution and industrial development are well established. Climate change is of the utmost concern to the United Nations and governments around the world.

In addition to analyzing the environmental aspects and development implications of climate change, the United Nations Regional Commissions have developed approaches to address its economic and social consequences.

In Asia, the fast-growing economies pose a challenge to achieving the goal of "green growth", i.e., decoupling economic growth from increasing energy consumption, excessive pollution, waste generation and resource consumption, which exceed the already strained ecological carrying capacity in several countries of the region.

In this sense, the governmental entities are now looking for solutions to know better what is happening at the environmental level in their territory.

With this in mind, in Malaysia, the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) is studying to use digitalplatforms such as AURA to monitor environmental information on Borneo Island.