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About BCN

We are a company investing in the creation and innovation of startups with a scientific and technological base. In the century of Life Sciences and data driven technologies, we were born to maximize the potential of its tools to take care of our health and that of our planet.

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Our Goals

BCN Smart Technologies’ core pillars are Climate Action, Healthcare & Well-being and Circular Economy & Sustainability. Align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals,

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Key Milestones

BCN was an engineering company, from Exporting Medical Equipment to Contact Tracing in Schools and Workplaces. We continue to consider a wide spectrum for science and technology while cultivated value and innovation with both the private and public sectors.


Jordi Pol

Founder and Managing Director of BCN Smart Technologies

Visionary and tech enthusiast, Jordi Pol Ramon, is the Founder and Managing Director of BCN Smart Technologies. He is also one of the founding members of La Camara (Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry) - an organization built to strengthen the Spanish community in Malaysia and empower their businesses both locally and abroad.

Jordi’s professional career expand through 20 years of experience in international management of healthcare and science which led him to build BCN Smart Technologies in 2020.

A person with a genuine curiosity for all things innovations and development, Jordi works with strong teams in Malaysia and Spain to cater to your technological solutions need.

Amir Shariff

Chief Marketing Officer

Amir is the Chief Marketing Officer skilled in business development, marketing, and project management. With an extensive background in finance, socio-economic development, and international relations, he brings his passion for making a change with smart and sustainable technologies and is determined to develop purpose-driven initiatives.

Aqil Radzi

Community Manager

Aqil is the Community Manager at BCN Smart Tech. Coming from an engineering and economics background, he has always been enthusiastic about Science, Technology, and Current Affairs, A professional in the making, his passion lies in creating impactful changes through Innovation and Policy.

Aqil started his journey at BCN Smart Technologies because he believes that modern problems require modern and collective solutions, both domestic and foreign, through the help of science, technology and sustainability.

Together with Jordi Pol, Aqil shares the company's ultimate vision to transform and empowers the ecosystem through dynamic approaches on various disciplines.

Mujahid Hisham

Product Manager

Mujahid is a project manager here at BCN Smart Technologies. Having graduated with a degree in the Lifesciences field, his goal is to put into practice what he has learned towards the advancement of biotechnology. Coupled with a keen interest in both domestic and foreign affairs, he is dedicated to the development of solutions that will help Malaysia progress towards a sustainable future.

Ikhwan Harish

Product Manager

Harish is a hardworking Product Manager who has expertise in the biotechnology field, maintaining and servicing autoclaves throughout Malaysia. His mission is to improve the quality of living, through developing sustainable health care systems.